RIME (Research)

Overview and Functions of RIME Division

The Research Information Monitoring and Evaluation (RIME) Division plays a pivotal role in managing knowledge generation, as well as packaging and presenting it in a way that influences policy and projects in the HWSETA.

The division is also charged with the responsibility to monitor and evaluate implemented skills development projects and programmes and to find causal links to positive impacts of these skills development projects. In short, the RIME division:

  • commissions and internally conducts sector specific research on areas to enrich the existing body of knowledge on skills development practices
  • track and report on progress made by learners on learning programmes, their perceptions of the programme as they experience it and problems encountered. With this information, RIME makes judgements whether the desired impact will be made
  • monitors and reports on the training activities of constituent training providers in relation to quality provision, objectives of the training programme and transfer of knowledge to learners
  • monitors the usage of training (skills development) grants given to employers

In performing its functions, an ETQA Body:

  • shall abide by regulations 2 to 12 of the National Standards Bodies Regulations (R452 of 28 March 1998, Government Gazette No 18787);
  • may delegate selected functions contemplated in subregulation (1) to a constituent provider or other body with the prior approval of the Authority, but may not delegate its accountability to the Authority; and
  • if established under another Act of Parliament to govern a single coordinated system of multi-qualification providers, shall delegate the function of registering constituent assessors, contemplated in subregulation (1)(e), to its providers if their quality management system includes the monitoring of this function and the South African Qualifications Authority is notified.


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Name Title Tel
Mr. Sikhumbuzo Gcabashe Executive Manager: RIME (011) 607 6900
Ms. Amanda Matswele Executive Secretary: RIME (011) 607 6933
Vacant Data Warehouse Administrator
Vacant Impact Assessment Practitioner

Monitoring and Evaluation

Ms. Bulelwa Plaatjie M&E Manager (011) 607 6973
Vacant M&E Officer
Ms. Dineo Mokheseng M&E Officer (011) 607 6918
Vacant Intern

Research and Information

Mr. Sibusiso Miya R&I Manager (011) 607 6993
Ms. Mpho Phago Researcher (011) 607 7008
Mr. Richard Machava Researcher (011) 607 6916
Ms. Lebo Thwala Intern (011) 607 7023

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